Facial and Sauna Membership

Receive one custom facial per month and 8 sauna treatments per month for $149.*

*A 3-month credit card auto-renewal program is required.

Acne Membership

Traditional acne treatments and prescription medications are often slow in improving acne. We know this can be frustrating, so at Sorenia Skin Wellness we designed a specialized Acne Program in order to improve our clients skin with quick, efficient, and reliable results. We know how important clear skin is to your health and confidence. That is why we are committed to partnering with you towards clear, healthy, and acne-free skin.


Top photo before treatment | Bottom photo, 2 days after the treatment.

Priced with 2 levels of the program for 3 months, you will get a personalized consultation and custom home regimen. At 2- 3-week intervals, regular extractions, peels.  If on the level 2 plan, micro current will be performed, with the option of radio frequency if needed.  This program will greatly improve texture, bumps, pores, and oiliness.

Level 1 Two appointments a month for $99.00

Level 2 Two appointments a month for $150.00

*A 3-month credit card auto-renewal program is required.

Hair removal membership

Brazilian” membership  $60.00 a month savings of $10.00 with auto renewal.
Underarm membership $15.00  saving of $5.00